Vermont Vinegars Vinaigrette's & Marinades

0.75 lb


Vermont Vinegars products and story


Our vinegar's unique rich flavors result from a devotion to a process that uses only high-quality fruit; adherence to a traditional, slow, small batch fermenting process; and a final barrel aging of more than 2 years.


The vinaigrette's are created from our own vinegar and flavored with locally grown raspberries, strawberries, basil and other more exotic all natural ingredients. Our unique slow infusion (up to a month), creates a fresh flavored vinegar that is then lightly sweetened with Vermont maple syrup to enhance the natural fruit and savory flavors.

The final product is free from artificial flavors, low in calories, and focused on local ingredients.


These syrups originate from our Strawberry Basil and Vermont Raspberry fruit infusions, which are reduced and sweetened with Vermont Maple Syrup. The resulting sweet / sour profile makes a wonderful accent to your favorite sweet or savory appetizer, dessert, or diluted into a drink.


Our homestyle marinades are based on our artisan vinegar and include fresh garlic, ginger root, and lemons.