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Stowe Mercantile Kitchen
with Abby Sherman!

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Stowe Mercantile Kitchen came into being about a year and a half ago. It is a family business located in Stowe, VT, that wanted to offer authentically handmade food products. A branch of Stowe Mercantile, their family business, Stowe Mercantile Kitchen is managed by Abby Sherman, "It’s our family business and something I’ve been apart of my whole life. This new Stowe Mercantile Kitchen is a perfect branch for me to operate. I have always loved baking and am happiest when creating. So, developing new recipes and product is an endless source of joy," says Abby.
The Stowe Mercantile Kitchen is a test/production kitchen. They produce griddle cake (pancake), scone and muffin dry mixes as well as handmade crackers and they are working towards creating their own tortilla chips. According to Abby, "We have a great source of organic masa flour and those should be ready soon!"
Abby certainly knows her way around a kitchen, She has worked as a baker, a line cook and waitstaff for almost 10 years. "I love working with food, but am glad to have moved out of the restaurants and into my very own commercial kitchen." She attributes the kitchen's success, however, to her dad, Marc Sherman. "His highly successful store, Stowe Mercantile, is the foundation for our new kitchen. He taught me the importance of working hard. What you get out of something is determined by what you put into it," says Abby.
What makes Stowe Mercantile Kitchen products so unique is that Abby makes everything! Her products are all handmade, you can clearly read and pronounce every ingredient. Abby says, "No preservatives or funny business! Simply good food and recipes from our family to yours."

You will find Stowe Mercantile Kitchen products on their own display at the front of the store.. 

You can find Stowe Mercantile Kitchen info on Facebook at stowemercantile, on Instagram at @stowemercantile and online at Stowe Mercantile.
From all of us here at MOCO, we are honored to be serving our community during this time and thank you for supporting your local food co-op!


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