Our Pricing Policy


Our Pricing Story: Shopping that Feels Good…and Does Good

While some retailers may shy away from talking about their pricing, we welcome the opportunity.

We understand you may find some items in our selection a little more expensive than you might expect elsewhere, and we want you to know why.

We’re committed to purchasing from local vendors and artisans whenever possible. That allows us to support the economies of our surrounding communities, as well as bring you high-quality and unique merchandise. We believe that when you purchase from us, we’re offering you the opportunity to feel good about what you buy – while also doing good.

Our pricing strategy also allows us to pay better wages than one might expect.   We offer Health Insurance, differential premium pay for weekend hours, paid time off, bonuses and more.  Our prices are fair to you, our guest, and equally important, fair to our staff members.

Local organizations and charities all benefit from our ability to support them with cash donations, merchandise and volunteer hours.  Our prices reflect our desire to be engaged and allows us to support our communities in these ways.

We thank you for making a difference in the success of our small businesses through your purchases.  Your patronage supports our artisan vendors, our employees and our greater communities.


Marc & Trudy