S.M.K Mission Fig Jam

1.0 lb

We started making this jam at the request of our favorite Vermont cheese-mongers who wanted a locally made fig jam to accompany cheese plates, but we've found plenty of other uses for this gourmet pantry staple; for breakfast on toast, for lunch as a sandwich spread, for dinner as a meat glaze or pizza topping and for dessert as an ice cream topping. 

You'll notice the difference in flavor - they are just that good.  Franciscan missionaries first planted these figs in the San Diego area in the 1700s, creating a mildly sweet flavor with rich, slightly nutty hints. These figs are simply delicious and make a phenomenal jam!

Our homemade jams are made the old fashioned way.  With no preservatives or jelling additives, these jams thicken naturally with nothing but fruit and sugar, just as Vermonters have been doing for years!