Our Story : A Family Business

We Are A Real Family Business!

Marc Sherman started this business in 1987 or maybe it was 1988; either way it was a while ago.  His first store was just 1,000 square feet on Main Street in Stowe and featured Vermont fine art and fine crafts.  At that time, Marc was a landscape photographer and he gathered together a group of friends and acquaintances and opened his store.  In year two of his business, he expanded into more space and created Stowe Mercantile.  The slower pace of country life, close knit family and community and his love of dairy farming and antiques all came together in his vision for Stowe Mercantile.

Over several more years, Marc grew the company to five distinct stores all in the village of Stowe and boasted a staff of over 50 people!  He also started a furniture company that was hand crafting reproduction colonial furniture.  Through all of this growth, Marc was raising his two daughters, Leah & Abby, both of whom worked in the business from an early age.

Trudy Trombley joined the company in 1999 as a frontline employee.  It only took her two years to learn the entire business and become the General Manager overseeing all aspects of the company.  In 2009, Trudy convinced Marc there was an opportunity for a women’s apparel store in Stowe and she opened Truly Trudy’s Boutique (everyone just calls it Boutique)!

Through life’s transitions, Marc and Trudy eventually became a couple and work side by side to this day. 

Since there’s always more opportunities, Marc & Trudy have each started new businesses; Trudy has TLT Designs and Marc started Stowe Mercantile Kitchen.

And after each of their daughters had chances to travel and pursue their various interests, they are now all involved in the business.

Trudy’s daughter Denise has become the manager of Stowe Mercantile and The Boutique.  She successfully moved into this responsibility three years ago and also does all web design and oversees the entire social media effort for the business.  Denise also started her own business, Dearley Designs and supplies the stores and other select retailers with jewelry she handcrafts at night.

Erin Welch, the youngest of Trudy’s daughters is responsible for purchasing most of the food products as well as bath and body products in Stowe Mercantile.  She also helps merchandise the stores and takes on anything else that needs to be done.

Angela Peterson, the oldest of Trudy’s daughters, is instrumental in Growing TLT Designs with Trudy.  Primarily a graphic design business, Trudy designs the artwork for all the garments sold at Stowe Mercantile.  Angela then takes those designs and manages the production aspects of creating the garments, a wide range of souvenir mugs and other memorabilia. 

Marc’s youngest daughter Abby has made a name for herself as a local musician and song writer.  And she’s passionate about great food.  Marc saw an opportunity to work with Abby to create Stowe Mercantile Kitchen in the spring of 2019.  In just one year, they opened a commercial kitchen and Abby developed over 20 baking mixes.  She also created a line of ready to eat crackers and tortilla chips which are extremely popular.  In 2020, they started selling to other markets and stores.  Abby’s partner, Sean, just joined the business as well and is learning production and will oversee the growing wholesale business.

And finally, Marc’s oldest daughter, Leah, just opened a store in West Yellowstone, MT.  She patterned the store after The Boutique in Stowe, naming her store, L’s Boutique.  It has been a great success right from the start and she is looking for another opportunity in Montana. 

There are several other valued staff members all working together with the family creating one large extended family.  With striving to keep the business successful, it’s sure to prosper for years to come and hopefully on to a third generation.

Stowe Mercantile Kitchen Father and Daughter