Vermont Artisan Coffee Company Coffee

1.0 lb


Vermont Artisan Blend

Crafted by the owner, Mané, this is there signature blend. This is a coffee with intense, long lasting coffee notes, and a robust, balanced flavor. A roasted blend of South American and African coffees, this is a rich coffee that lingers on your palate beckoning a second cup.

Roast: Medium

Notes: Farm Direct

Catamount Blend

This blend is a testament to our Green Mountain State and its mascot, the Catamount. Bright, vibrant South American coffees are blended with a bit of Ethiopian Sidamo for a lively, bold, balanced coffee. Sweet, smooth, with hints of toffee.

Notes: Organic

Roast:: Medium


Espresso Blend

Espresso is a process not a roast level. They have crafted the sweetest, most flavorful espresso in the purest European tradition. There espresso is an exceptional blend that will awaken your palate in pure pleasure. We love this one brewed from our drip machine.

Roast: Medium

Moka Java Blend

Not a chocolate flavored coffee...Earthy, sweet and wild.

Notes: Organic & Farm Direct

Roast: Medium/Dark

Breakfast Blend

Created for your first cup of the morning yet delicious all day through. We've used primarily Colombian for its rich flavor and body and included some Central American beans for their balance and fragrance. A nice mellow cup of Jo'.

Notes: Farm-Direct

Roast: Medium

Artisan Dark

One of Vermont Artisan's darker roasts, It starts with superlative coffee of course, and roast it using a European recipe known to the old Roast-Masters. While this roast profile is on the darker side, we stop it just in time to allow all the original flavor characteristics to come through. Dark roasted but never bitter; rich and velvety.

Notes: Organic; Farm-Direct

Roast: Dark

Dark Decaf

This Central American coffee is naturally decaffeinated using the 'Mountain Water' process. The benefit is not only a delicious, dark roasted decaf, but no toxic chemicals or environmentally damaging materials were used in the process. This coffee, perfect to follow an evening meal, is 97 - 99% caffeine free.

Notes: Organic: Farm-Direct

Roast: Dark


Mayan Decaf

There organic decaf is sourced from coffee farms in Mexico's premier coffee growing regions. It is sweet, nicely balanced with a hint of chocolatey notes. This coffee is 99.9% caffeine free using the all-natural, mountain water decaf process.

Notes: Organic; Farm-Direct

Roast: Medium